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Guildford Based NLP Practitioner Course Surrey

There are many choices in the market place for an NLP Practitioner Course. Lot's of people can find it difficult to know which one is best?

To help you with this choice here are a few tips to ensure you pick the best fit for what your looking to achieve.

So the first thing that you want to get clear on is for what purpose, why do you want to become and NLP Practitioner? What DO you want to achieve?

Are you doing it for your own personal development? Are you doing it to help drive your career?

Or are you doing it because you have a passion to help others and you want to have the best tools to get the job done?

Our NLP Practitioner Training's designed to deliver you not just tools and techniques. Don't get me wrong these powerful tools and techniques are great!

But the structure, ideology, concepts and system are by far the most important part of all.

Tools and techniques with no proven system for application is like having a car but not knowing how to drive.

The next question you would want to be asking is, is the system complete? What I mean by that is does it deal with all aspects of how a person can structure a problem?

In our NLP Practitioner Course Surrey we teach 3 modalities and issue 4 certificates.

And they are....

NLP Practitioner Certification
Time Line Therapy® Certification
Practitioner Level Hypnosis Certification
Finally the process of putting it all together with our....
NLP Coaching Certification

NLP Practitioner Guildford

We believe these modalities dove tail together to create a complete system. That's why we train them together!

We want you to have all the tools and the complete system.

The NLP Practitioner tools help an individual to do it in a different way now and into the future.

The Time Line Therapy® Tools are to get rid of negative emotional associations from the past. Changing what the person can believe is possible for them in the future.

The Ericksonian Hypnosis techniques help you to get the very most out of NLP's Milton Model. This is a powerful resourcing model and basis of conversational hypnosis.

And the NLP coaching model is the system! The how to use, what, where and when. A step by step sequential process of 4 phases and 7 pillars to support them.

So you get all the tools and techniques that can create significant positive changes for yourself and others.

When you choose to join our live 7 day event you get this and so much more!

Because you also get lifetimes access to the eNLP Training Academy Video Package. This is immediately accessible through our online platform.

This is 16 hours worth of high quality videos, designed to teach you the full NLP Practitioner curriculum.

With full detailed demonstrations of all the techniques in action.

This acts as a comprehensive pre study resource before you attend the training.

It also acts as a full revision resource post training for you to revisit as often as you want to or need to.

And there is still more!

Because here at Life Training Systems we want you to be fully supported. So you have access to a comprehensive support package that begins when you enrol.

By the way that support simply never ends!!! That means forever. Any questions that you have about application in any context, gets answered!

This is so that you will always have the backing of an expert that already has the experience. As you evolve and gain your own experiences you will need that support less and less.

Join us at our Surrey NLP Practitioner Course and we will guide you through these amazing techniques.

NLP Practitioner Students

By the end of which you will know that you know!

You will understand exactly what NLP is and how you can apply it to create fantastic and lasting change.

Becoming an NLP Practitioner changed my life and I went on to create a very fulfilling career that serves me well to this day.

And it can easily do the same for you. But you need to take action!

This NLP Practitioner Course could allow you to create the kind of levels of success that you want.

In discovering these powerful modalities you have opened the door to the possibility of so much more for your life.

For a FREE introduction to all that you can learn, I will give you access to Module 1 of the online training.

That's 8 videos outlining the thinking and mindset of an excellent NLP Practitioner.

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When you begin your journey into learning NLP you want to make sure that you are picking the right NLP Practitioner Training Provider!

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The Best NLP Practitioner Training Surrey

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The Right Support

You want to be supported knowing that your not just being taught a bunch of NLP tools and techniques but you will have ongoing access to advice!

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