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The Life Training Systems NLP Master Practitioner Surrey

Our NLP Master Practitioner Surrey based training is the most advanced level of the NLP. 

Delivering you all the advanced coaching methodologies, skills, tools and techniques. And as with our NLP Practitioner Certification program you get the whole system. Nothing left out, total value to equip you to succeed.

With this NLP Master Practitioner Training you also get our world class back up and support. Here at Life Training Systems we back the quality of our training. So before, during and after the training your trainer is here for you to answer all your questions. 

This training is very advanced and that means it is not for everyone! To be accepted into the program you will need to meet certain criteria. 

You will need to already be a certified and practicing NLP Practitioner.

You will need to be certified in Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis at the Practitioner level

You will need to be of good standing with an aligned ethical outlook in thoughts and actions.

And you will definitely need to have an open and inquisitive mindset. Keen to grow and evolve and to assist others to achieve the same. 

If you believe that this is you? And you have what it takes!

Then this journey is going to be a very rewarding experience for you.

To find out if it is the perfect fit for where you want to get to then call us or email now.

Either fill out the contact form above or below with your details or call the office on 0800 910 1163

 NLP Master Practitioner Training Guildford

Here is the detail of some of the amazing Material you have the potential to be learning…. 

Week 1 of your NLP Master Practitioner Surrey Certification Program

Will teach you….

The true power of language as NLP Language goes to the Quantum Level.

  • Conversational Resourcing - Advanced Milton Model. Using artful ambiguity to create agreement at the unconscious level. 
  • Deductive and Inductive Language - One thing can be everything! and everything can be one thing!
  • Moving Reality - Everything needs space, time. energy and matter to exist! And each of these individual components can change.
  • Quantum Linguistics – Mind bending language. Creating spin, creating confusion, taking them to a place where they are not even sure they had a problem.
  • Meta Model 3 – This doesn't even exist but if it did this would maybe be what it might look like.
  • Destroying Decisions – An elegant and simple de-nominalisation process.
  • False Identifications – Whatever label you think you are you're so much more than that!
  • Temporal Presuppositions – BACK THEN's not like NOW, YET when you STOP, realising SOON that you're ALREADY different!
  • Prime Drivers – Primal needs which are unfulfilled, held at an unconscious level.
  • Meta Programs – Our highly unconscious preferred internal processing structure.
  • Values – What motivates us and delivers value! What emotional benefits need fulfilled? 
  • Changing Values – Creating more motivation for a desired result by moving the value up the hierarchy.
  • Social Values Levels – The socially dictated structure that fits best for the way we are willing to think.
  • Logical Levels Of Therapy – A powerful technique for scrambling dis-functional strategies.
  • Advanced Strategies - From the Elicitation through to Design for change. 
  • Strategy Installation and Utilisation - Taking our designed strategy and making it the default. 
  • Parts Re-Integration – Getting rid of exhausting and restricting internal conflict.
  • The Modelling Exercise – NLP is all about modelling excellence. Teaching you how to copy the beliefs, physiology, emotions and behaviour of a master.

NLP Master Practitioner Surrey Board Break

NLP Master Practitioner

Plus heaps more……..

Week 2 of your NLP Master Practitioner Surrey Training. 

Total Transformation!

Source Pattern Reset Certification - at the Master Practitioner Level.

Lasting change requires letting go of our negative emotional associations to the past.

When there is a learning, a wisdom there is no longer a need for the emotion! With SPR we use Time Line Therapy® to assist us to experience true emotional freedom.

Pain Release Paradigm – Chronic pain is debilitating! Chronic pain can be emotional held!? A guide to natural healing starting first with emotional healing.

Also releasing emotional limitations, multiple gestalts, forensic regression and much more.


The NLP Master Practitioner Surrey, LTS Personal Breakthrough Program.

The ultimate model of therapy as created by Dr Tad James.

You will be expertly taught the process and system used by one of the leading Master trainers of NLP in the world.

How you can effectively use all that you have learnt, from your NLP trainings.

From qualifying a potential client.

Selling them the benefits of the program.

Taking a detailed personal history to uncover the complete structure of their problem.

Through to reframing their views, loosening their grasp of the old way of doing things. Resourcing them into a new way of thinking.

Creating a deep profound and lasting emotional shift within them.

Ultimately leading to creating with them a compelling future that they can believe in.

This is such a complete system! And we believe it to be a must have for any serious coach, therapist, educator or mentor.

Master Practitioner Hypnosis

Advanced Certification in Hypnosis is also part the NLP Master Practitioner Surrey Training. 

Culminating in an experience of full body catalepsy. Being put across 2 chairs, rigid and stiff as a bar of steel!

Once you have achieved this, you will know that you know Hypnosis! 

Hypnosis Full Body Catalepsy


Our world leading free advice and support from your trainer in all that you learn. Before, During and After the Training. FOREVER! ONGOING! NO END!

This ensures your easy implementation and utilisation of all techniques. The steep and tricky post training learning curve made easier for you.

The expert answer always only a quick phone call or email away.

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Becoming a certified NLP Master Practitioner will help to change your life! And the lives of others!

Find out how you can secure your place call 0800 910 1163 or email us by filling in the contact form below.


NLP Master Practitioner Certification

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Get you hands on the coveted NLP Master Practitioner Certification including our NLP Master Coach Certification

Source Pattern Reset Certification

Source Pattern Reset Master Certification

Be Certified as a Source Pattern Reset specialist. This is the Step by Step complete model of therapy and performance based change.

Hypnosis Master Practitioner Certification

Hypnosis Master Certification

Here we certify in two additional types of Hypnosis giving you added flexibility in all of the Hypnosis resourcing work that you do.

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