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To be an effective coach to live an effective life, you should study the structure of language.

You should study NLP!

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The language of the mind that creates the habitual programs that we run.

And the linguistic bit is so important for you and your clients....

Because it is how you choose to use your language that gives the reality you experience it’s structure.

Language gives meaning! And meaning creates emotion!

These emotions influence us in the options and choices that we have available to us.

NLP Training Decisions

And these choices will support or debilitate the decisions that you then make.

It is these foundational language skills that you can learn in our NLP Training Surrey.

Having these language skills will help you to become an effective Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Boss or Parent.

  • If you want to influence your life and the life of others in a positive way.
  • If you want to recognise what supports you and helps you to create success.
  • Then learning the skills that we teach in NLP will be of interest to you.

Here are some of the things NLP Training Surrey will help you to achieve.

The 3 powerful effects of creating defined goals for yourself and the people that you want to help.

How to create and Maintain effective controlled focus! And how to drive it with the right energy to deliver results.

How to easily access that right energy! The appropriate positive resource states that you can apply to all your actions.

You will learn how to utilise Meta Model to control specificity of language! Controlling your own language and the language of others. This is what stops the process of creating a limiting illusion that you then think is reality.

As part of this you will also Learn and utilise the 9 Linguistic presuppositions. Presuppositions are the rules that allow us to know what we know for fact. What we now can recognise, we don’t yet know for sure. And what we really need to know to be effective.

And of course my own personal favourite Milton Model the art of ambiguity! This is NLP's resourcing model. The model that allows you to tap into and guide a person to whole new positive reality.

You will also be able to learn all about how negative emotional associations from the past effect us in the now. These unconscious associations can also limit our successes in the future.

There are two levels of NLP training on the road to mastery and they are...

Our NLP Practitioner Training - Within this training are the foundational skills. The skills that allow you to create the greatest change for yourself first. Read more here!

NLP Practitioner Training Surrey

Then if you want to gain access to the more advanced tools to work more with clinical issues.

We have our NLP Master Practitioner Training program. This is a 14 day work shop that teaches the rest of the body of work that is the NLP Coaching model. Read more here!

Now that you have an insight, you can decide what extra information you need to help know that this is right for you.

Fill in the form below with any questions you have or call 0800 910 1163 and I will be happy to help you.


NLP Practitioner Certificate

NLP Practitioner Certification

With our Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses you get 4 certificates. So along with your NLP Qualification you also get an NLP Coaching Certification, Surrey is definitely a great place to Train.

Time Line Therapy Certificate

Time Line Therapy® Certification

While resourcing clients and the people you coach you will definitely want to deal with their negative emotional associations from the past. Time Line Therapy® is one of the most effective modalities to use.

Hypnosis Certificate

Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification

One of the additional benefits of our Advanced NLP Training Surrey is we put a lot of emphasis on the Language of Neuro Linguistic Programming so we also certify you in Hypnosis giving you all the resourcing tools.

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